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Naruto Part I

Naruto Part I Episode 041-060

Naruto Part I Episode 041-060
Pada kali ini saya bagikan Naruto Part I Episode 041-060, setelah sebelumnya saya bagikan Naruto Part I Episode 001-020 dan Naruto Part I Episode 021-040.
Silakan Download Naruto Part 1 Episode 041-060 dibawah ini.
Episode                                    Judul      Link
041 Kunoichi Rumble-The Rivals Get Serious Download
042 The Ultimate Battle-CHA Download
043 Killer Kunoichi And A Shaky Shikamaru Download
044 Akamaru Unleashed Whos Top Dog Now Download
045 Surprise Attack Narutos Secret Weapon Download
046 Byakugan Battle-Hinata Grows Bold Download
047 A Failure Stands Tall Download
048 Gaara Vs Rock Lee-The Power of Youth Explodes Download
049 Lees Hidden Strength-Forbidden Secret Jutsu Download
050 The Fifth Gate-A Splendid Ninja is Born Download
051 A Shadow in Darkness-Danger Approaches Sasuke Download
052 Recap-The Adventures of Naruto-Oh and Everyone Elses Too Download
052.5 Ebisu Returns-Narutos Toughest Training Yet Download
053 Long Time No See Jiraiya Returns Download
054 The Summoning Jutsu-Wisdom of the Toad Sage Download
055 A Feeling of Yearning A Flower Full of Hope Download
056 Live or Die Risk it All to Win it All Download
057 He Flies He Jumps He Lurks Chief Toad Appears Download
058 Hospital Besieged-The Evil Hand Revealed Download
059 The Final Rounds Rush to the Battle Arena Download
060 Byakugan vs Shadow Clone Jutsu Download
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