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Naruto Part I

Naruto Part I Episode 021-040

Naruto Part I Episode 021-040
Setelah sebelumnya saya bagikan Naruto Part I Episode 001-020 maka kali ini saya bagikan Naruto Part I Episode 021-040. Naruto Part I adalah Seri Naruto masa kecil sebelum seri versi Naruto Shippuden. Silakan Download Naruto Part 1 Episode 021-040 dibawah ini.
Episode                                    Judul      Link
021 Identify Yourself – Powerful New Rivals Download
022 Chunin Challenge Rock Lee vs. Sasuke Download
023 Genin Takedown – All Nine Rookies Face Off Download
024 Start Your Engines The Chunin Exam Begins Download
025 The Tenth Question – All or Nothing Download
026 Special Report Live from the Forest of Death Download
027 The Chunin Exam Stage 2 – The Forest of Death Download
028 Eat or Be Eaten – Panic in the Forest Download
029 Narutos Counterattack – Never Give In Download
030 The Sharingan Revived – Dragon Flame Jutsu Download
031 Bushy Brows Pledge – Undying Love And Protection Download
032 Sakura Blossoms Download
033 Battle Formation Ino-Shika-Cho Download
034 Akamaru Trembles – Gaaras Cruel Strength Download
035 The Scrolls Secret – No Peeking Allowed Download
036 Clone vs. Clone – Mine Are Better Than Yours Download
037 Surviving the Cut The Rookie Nine Together Again Download
038 Narrowing the Field Sudden Death Elimination Download
039 Bushy Brows Jealousy – Lions Barrage Unleashed Download
040 Kakashi and Orochimaru Face to Face Download
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